Hexo Theme Typescript

Typescript is a minimal theme for Hexo.

The theme is available on github at https://github.com/artchen/hexo-theme-typescript

This theme is also available on:


This theme depends on the following Hexo plugins to work correctly:

  • hexo-generator-tag
  • hexo-renderer-ejs
  • hexo-renderer-less
  • hexo-renderer-marked
  • hexo-pagination

Please make sure these plugins are installed before generate the site.


Typescript is customizable via _config.yml file under the theme directory.

The global _config.yml for Hexo may also be modified. In particular:

  • Add/modify disqus_shortname field, the value set to your Disqus short name
  • Change theme field to hexo-theme-typescript

In addition to these settings, users may also want to edit/replace the following files:

  • Replace the site logo: source/images/logo.png, source/images/logo.psd
  • The search feature uses swiftype. Please follow their instruction to setup yours.
  • The icon fonts are from icomoon.
  • The default English font is Futura PT via Adobe Typekit. If you are using Typekit like me, please change the embedded javascript code in layout/_partial/head.ejs, else you can delete the corresponding code.


Typescript Demo


Public resources used in this theme:

Copyright © Art Chen

Please do not remove the “Theme Typescript designed by Art Chen” text and links.

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