Ghost Theme Typescript

Typescript is a minimal theme for Ghost. I am working on a Hexo version, too.

The theme is now available at

This theme is also available on:


If you are going to use Typescript directly (without much customization).

cd <path-to-ghost-folder>/content/themes/
git clone typescript

The version shared via Github is used on, my blog. There are quite a few things hard-coded into the template that you’ll need to customize. Including but not limited to:

  • The site logo: assets/img/logo.png
  • The short text under the logo: partials/header.hbs
  • Disqus integration: page.hbs, post.hbs
  • Social account links: partials/footer.hbs

The search feature relies on swiftype. Please follow their instruction to setup your own searches.

The fonts are from Typekit. If you are not using typekit, please remove corresponding code is in default.hbs.


If you are going to develop your own features/styles/etc upon Typescript, here is how to set up the development environment.

Clone the repository.

cd <path-to-ghost-folder>/content/themes/
git clone typescript

Install gulp, bower and npm before proceed.

Install and build the app:

cd ./typescript
npm install
bower install

At this point your development environment is ready.


cd <path-to-ghost>/content/themes/typescript/
git pull


Visit my blog (in Chinese) for a demo of tis theme.


Typescript Screenshot


Public resources used in this theme:

Copyright © Art Chen

Please do not remove the “Theme Typescript designed by Art Chen” text and links.

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